25 December 2013

Heard At Last

I saw the Malayalam short film Kelkunnundo? (Are You Listening?) by  Geetu Mohan Das. It is the fulfilment of a long cherished wish, having heard and read a lot about this film since the time it was made some four years back.

It is a story of a little blind girl who lives by coalescing the world inside her head and the world outside. Yes, it does helps to have a world inside your head if you’re stifled by a disability, so, if you feel you are ignored in the real world, you can be happy inside your head. The only thing you’ve to be careful about is that you don’t end up with schizophrenia (pun intended). I remember being a cricketer to a pilot flying my own plane sitting in a corner (where there was least chance of me getting hurt), while other kids were busy playing.

The sound of this video is on the lower side. So, it would be better if you download it and play it using VLC Player with high volume.

PS: I’d messaged Geeta when the news of the  Liar’s Dice making it to the competitive section of the  Sundance film festival had started trickling in saying that I’d like to see it if there was any preview show in Kochi and even Kelkunnundo? In her reply she mentioned that Kelkunnundo? is available online.

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Ash said...

I've bookmarked this to watch later - thanks for sharing this!

Happy New Year,dear Paresh! I wish you and your loved ones a blessed 2014.