29 July 2011

Paanch – not a formal review

At last I watched the full version of Paanch directed by Anurag Kashyap (a dear friend had sent a torrent link). All these days I’d seen only bits and pieces of it fearing an overdose of violence. It is the censored version with Adult certificate. I don’t understand what was the fuss all about for censors to block it all these years as more grotesque and sleazy stuff was passed without any qualms (Govinda-Karishma Kapoor were ruling the roost during that period if I’m not mistaken).

It isn’t a great film by any stretch of imagination (especially if you have seen Last Train to Mahakali and the avant-garde No Smoking). Here you feel the director seems to have begun the film with I wanna shock you attitude as you hear words daru, dum, stoned and few other synonyms of intoxication thrown in and even few expletives in Hindi and English.

The dark story of five struggling rock musicians going on killing spree in order to make money for decently recording demo album, which by the end becomes the story of a psychopathic freak Luke played by Kay Kay.

Kay Kay seems to be very frigid for the role. He is good in non performing (as a musician/stage performer) parts. But, the agility required a performer is missing (we just get a glimpse of it when he is shown climbing the flight of stairs running in the beginning).

The ultimate winner here is Abbas Tyrewala, the lyricist. I smile whenever I feel like scratching my …… Ghin Aati hai Khuja Mat :-P