29 July 2011

Paanch – not a formal review

At last I watched the full version of Paanch directed by Anurag Kashyap (a dear friend had sent a torrent link). All these days I’d seen only bits and pieces of it fearing an overdose of violence. It is the censored version with Adult certificate. I don’t understand what was the fuss all about for censors to block it all these years as more grotesque and sleazy stuff was passed without any qualms (Govinda-Karishma Kapoor were ruling the roost during that period if I’m not mistaken).

It isn’t a great film by any stretch of imagination (especially if you have seen Last Train to Mahakali and the avant-garde No Smoking). Here you feel the director seems to have begun the film with I wanna shock you attitude as you hear words daru, dum, stoned and few other synonyms of intoxication thrown in and even few expletives in Hindi and English.

The dark story of five struggling rock musicians going on killing spree in order to make money for decently recording demo album, which by the end becomes the story of a psychopathic freak Luke played by Kay Kay.

Kay Kay seems to be very frigid for the role. He is good in non performing (as a musician/stage performer) parts. But, the agility required a performer is missing (we just get a glimpse of it when he is shown climbing the flight of stairs running in the beginning).

The ultimate winner here is Abbas Tyrewala, the lyricist. I smile whenever I feel like scratching my …… Ghin Aati hai Khuja Mat :-P

12 January 2011

Interview with Director Ranjith Sankar

I first met Ranjith on the day his debut film Passenger released in Padma theatre. He was there to see the film along with Lal Jose. After the show I requested Lal Jose to introduce me to Ranjith. To my pleasant surprise Ranjith said “Hello Paresh Palicha I read all your reviews and respect your views the most”. Since that day we have been in constant touch.

Now, he is ready with his second film Arjunan Saakshi, which is releasing on 28th of this month. I mailed him a few questions and he replied; here I'm posting them.

How has Arjunan Saakshi shaped up? Now that shooting is over and you're into post production, are you happy what you're seeing on the Avid Machine, so to speak?

I am happy with Arjunan Saakshi when I see it now. It has shaped up more or less the way it was perceived. Thanks to all my actors and technicians who made it happen. Arjunan Saakshi is a result to good team work.

This is your second film and there seem to be lot of expectations, does that make you nervous or inspire you? Or to put little differently, How was the experience of making Arjunan Saakshi different from making Passenger?

Not nervous. But excited a bit to see how people react to AS.

AS was more responsible I must say. There were actors and technicians coming into the project since they believed in me. Also AS is more a “proper” commercial film in that aspect.I got to work with a stunt master and dance master. I made passenger in 38 days. AS took us 43 days. It was worth it looking at the technical finesse we have achieved.

You had spent lot of time with the script of Passenger before you could see it being actually made, but Arjunan Shakshi obviously took lot less time to fructify (even though the idea was in your head for many years), did you do anything differently while writing it or approaching actors?

Nothing. Actually for AS it was more easy since actors were willing to work with me even before a script was discussed. So I had to make sure I got my priorities right and get the most appropriate people for the parts. What I always felt it once you are convinced of the story its easy to convince anyone for that matter.

You continue to be software engineer even after becoming a successful filmmaker, how easy or though is carrying both worlds inside you? Do these worlds overlap sometimes?

At times yes,especially during the shooting days J. I am able to manage since I have a supportive management at office. I don’t plan way ahead. So happy the way it is now.

Here is another elaborate interview done by my friend Veeyen

Trailer of the film: