21 September 2012

Age and wisdom: residue of a review – a strange connection between Chattakari and Run Baby Run

It happens sometimes that our brain takes on a journey of its own while watching a movie. Or is it my brain only that is wired differently?

The latest of such incidence happened while watching Chattakari, it took me back to Run Baby Run, which I'd watched a couple of weeks earlier.

It so happened that sitting in the theatre watching Chattakari, the statutory warning about the harms of smoking and drinking popping up every other minute was annoying me and at the end of this song Hemanth and Shamna begin to get cosy under a blanket, and I seriously thought that now a warning about the dangers of pre-marital or under-age sex would pop up. But, nothing like that happened.

This is when Mohanlal came into my head, he was in a similar situation with Amala  Paul at the end of this song in Run Baby Run. But, he was wise enough to jump out saying that this won't be right.

I spent some time thinking about writing about this coincidence in my review of Chattakari, but, couldn't articulate it in a way to fit in there. So, just kept this line It makes one wonder why there wasn't any warning about the dangers of pre-marital sex when the lead pair hops into bed!.

In fact, Mohanlal had handled a similar situation in Mayamayooram, where he tells Revathy to go home as the drink had started showing effect on him and he would lose control.